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Via Privata R. Montecuccoli, 32
20147 Milano (MI), Italia


Sodai S.p.A. is an environmental engineering and water management company operating in the purification and treatment of primary waters and process fluids sector.

Our clients, mainly industrial, are offered an integrated Environmental Service thanks to our know-how developed and consolidated in more than 30 years of our experience. Our mission today is to optimize the purification efficiency and solve industrial problems concerning Sustainability.

What distinguishes us is our solid reputation and the quality of processes. In 2019 Italveco was incorporated into our group. Today we are present in 28 countries being proud of having in our portfolio leading companies operating in Oil, Gas and Power sectors, i.e. operating centers of ENI and ENEL where for over 15 years Sodai has owned and managed its water treatment plants in Trenitalia workshops.

  • Italian and international experience
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Study, plant design and plant construction
  • Plant management and maintenance