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Main references


Among the gained experiences in the Oil&Gas sector and the green fuels production, Sodai has designed, constructed and manages up to now the biggest Italian zero discharge purification plant of waste waters deriving from the production of second generation Bioethanol. The plant treats primary and waste waters of the Versalis di Crescentino (VC). The plant built with new technologies treats 200 m3/h recycling the total amount of water.


Thanks to a continuous research, Sodai can offer the best technological solutions of desalination plants. With an over 30-year-old international experience we have designed and built Inverse Osmosis desalination plants both for sea and salty water among them the Mossi&Ghisolfi plant in Texas for the production of potable and industrial water used for the production of PTA and PET. The plant, built with advanced technology treats 40.000 m3/day.


Sodai, since 2004, has been the consolidated partner of Trenitalia and Trenord for the water management of the rolling stock maintenance workshops. The ownership of assets, the ownership of authorizations for discharges, AUA and AIA, together with an integrated full risk management at a rate, are an example of Management and Integrated Solutions which are innovative and easily replicable even for new Clients, with guaranteed satisfaction.


Sodai manufactures ultrafiltration membranes, in AISI with an internal titanium liner, which have unique properties of their kind and with top-level performance, superior to any other type of membrane. Sodai has already successfully applied this particular type of membrane, among others, in the pharmaceutical sector, also in the water process, as in the case of the treatment of fermentation broths.


In the textile sector, Sodai has designed and realised, among others, the waste water purification plant of Alcantara. Thanks to the innovative technologies developed by the R&D Department, the plant ,apart from water, is able to recover caustic soda from the process and return it back into the production thus allowing an important saving of raw materials and water resources.


The ROWPU (Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit), are containerized systems for potabilization and waste water treatment designated for municipalities and communities or used in emergency camps by Humanitarian Organisations. The easy installation enables immediate operativity of the plant and its modularity makes a parallel installation possible thus being able to reach a required potential. The plants are equipped with a plumbing and electric system, they are insulated, air-conditioned and with indoor lighting. Sodai has been a supplier of ,amongst others, the US Army since 2003 in Iraq and Afghanistan, the UNO in Central Africa and on loan plants in Italy, South America and East Europe.


As part of the enhancement of organic matrix, with particular reference to the digestate sector, Sodai builds plants with its own Deepest® technology, in an “Integrated Solution” mode. The DEEPEST® membrane system allows to separate the mainly organic and nitrogenous components, in particular from OFMSW digestate, in the anaerobic digestion phase. These matrixes can be effectively directed to the composting phase in which they become a source of carbon and nitrogen. In particular, the nitrogenous fractions can also be subject to specific dedicated treatments aimed at the production of fertilizers.